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Category: Rodo Serius

Sending mail through laravel using zoho smtp

Laravel provides a clean, simple API over the popular SwiftMailer library. The mail configuration file isapp/config/mail.php, and contains options allowing you to change your SMTP host, port, and credentials, as well as set a global from address for all messages delivered by the library. You may use any SMTP server you wish. If you wish to use the PHP mail function to send mail, you may change the driver to mail in the configuration file. A sendmail driver is also available. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol enables you to send emails through the specified server from standard email sending software. When you send an email from a software and want to send using your Zoho Mail account, you need to configure the specified Zoho…

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jQuery Bootgrid on Laravel

During this time I always use datatables library to display a list of data in tabular form dynamically. But while taking the library, I feel given feature too complete and too heavy when loading data. Therefore I began to look for a library table that can accommodate the needs that I have. After the end of his search through the internet I found a library jquery-bootgrid. Bootgrid is a Nice, sleek and intuitive, A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.You can turn your simple table into a sophisticated data table and offer your users a nice experience and great features without any effort.There are two ways to populate jQuery Bootgrid. Either you use the server-side way (e.g. a REST service) for querying a dynamic data source…